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Is my sister overweight?

She seems to be really unhappy with her body and she is 17 and 5'4 and 140 pounds. I am 13. I think she looks good but she says she is actually fat and is on a diet. Is she fat or does she just think she is. She isn't very muscley but she does play some sports. She always wears sweatshirts even though she is pretty because she thinks shirts are tight and make her look fat. She doesn't like to swim with us anymore either. I don't get it. Is my sister really fat or not?

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    She is not overweight.Check your BMI (body mass index) here http://www.weight-loss-surgery-or-weight-loss-prog...

    Your BMI is what doctors use to determine if you are underweight, normal weight, or overweight.

    Her BMI is about 24.4 which is in the normal range. Normal is anywhere from 18.5 to 24.9. And if you are athletic, then you have more muscle mass. And muscle weighs more than fat, so that may be why herr BMI is higher than you want.

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    for her height she is just above average in weight. but not fat.

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    She's healthy.. she's just self conscious, that's all. Like EVERY girl has been/or is.

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    No, she's not.

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