Is anyone else as terrified of roller coasters as I am?

The Stratosphere hotel in Las Vegas has three rides on its roof over a thousand feet off the ground (tallest observation deck in the US). They have three rides and just watching the videos of them gives me vertigo and makes me sick to my stomach.

I can honestly say there is NO amount of money anyone could pay me to get on any of the three. You would literally have to threaten my life or that of a family member for me to get on one and I'm sure I would poop my pants during the experience. Anyone else that terrified of heights and high flying rides???

Take a look


I C U, I'm with you. I don't mind some roller coasters but the extreme coasters or really tall ones freak me out. I was just watching extreme terror rides on the travel channel and was very woozy at the shots/angels of the video.

Update 2:

Dizz I went to Georgia and stayed at a hotel with a revolving restaurant on the roof. The people I was with knew I was terrified of heights and we took the outside glass elevator to the 80-something floor. When I found out there was an interior elevator I was furious.

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    ELLE Z .... also the ride on that hotel that you sit in and they SHOOT you to the top !!!!!

    freaks me right out !

    even the thought of a highrise elevator scares the crap outa me ! lol

    D :)

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    I am for sure! I won't get on roller coasters for anything! My sister offered me $500 to get on that ride in Vegas you're talking about and I was like F-U it ain't gonna happen.

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