In Pride and Predudice, the book, what are the main character traits of Elizabeth Bennet?

I am writing a report and wanted to hear what other people think before i turn it in. (I usually stink at these kind of things)

Anyway, Thank You So Much


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    Elizabeth Bennet - main female protagonist. The reader sees the unfolding plot and the other characters mostly from her viewpoint. The second of the Bennet daughters at twenty years old, she is portrayed as intelligent, lively, attractive and witty, with her faults being a tendency to judge on first impressions and may be a little selective of the evidence she uses to base her judgments upon. As the plot begins, her closest relationships are with her father, her sister Jane, her aunt Mrs. Gardiner and her neighbor Charlotte Lucas.

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    I say quit trying to use Yahoo Answers as a way of cheating on your homework and read the book.

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