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Wisdom Teeth Experiences?

SO i went to get my wisdom teeth out a year ago and they couldn't find my vain to put me under, they told me to rescedule and come back another day... i haven't been back. Im now afraid of the needle that hurt the whole 8 times they stuck me with it, also, has anyone had any problems with stomach aches after anesthesia or taking the pain pills? any help/insight would be wonderful! thank you!

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    I was supposed to have my wisdom teeth out years ago and postponed it because it's one of my only irrational fears. about a month ago they started to get very painful from cavities because they are hard to clean. I was getting headaches more frequently too which I did not attribute to the teeth at the time.

    I finally had all four removed by Dr Mudd ( yesterday morning finally and even with the minor post-extraction pain, and the worry of a dry socket, I couldn't be happier. Everything about the experience with his office was excellent! The pain meds, (hydrocodone), can cause nausea without food. I only needed one. I had minor nausea for the first hour after I got home, but that was it. I still have healing to do, and still have a chance of a "dry socket" if I'm not careful. The pain I had from the teeth, and the headache that I somehow got used to, are both gone.

    About the vein, sorry to hear your situation, but for me I have always had "good veins". I get compliments on the weirdest things. I think if you ask around for a good oral surgeon you should be fine. If you don't feel comfortable during the consultation then by all means, look some more. If your fear is just the needle then I would suggest you find someone else and try again.

    Best Wishes and hope it all works out!

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    Ok, so I simply bought mine out approximately four days in the past. I was once lovely scared while I bought there and while I sat down within the chair and so they began hookin me as much as these types of displays, blood stress machines, and the IV. But the nurses had been enormously pleasant and helped to calm me down. I keep in mind seeing the nurse inject the anesthesia into my IV and considering oh no they're approximately to begin and I'm now not asleep but...however they did not also have time to get me to rely backwards earlier than I was once absolutely out. And it was once neat too! You get this wierd tingly feeling far and wide after which it feels just like the ceiling is falling- critically, the first-class stuff ever! When i awoke I was once lovely out of it and stayed out of it till a couple of hours later. The suffering wasn't too dangerous, the worst facet will not be being in a position to consume and feeling slow from the meds. But you get to paintings your approach as much as natural meals so I entirely intend on consuming anything however the finish of this week! Overall, it is critically now not dangerous and it is over first-rate rapid- you will not keep in mind a factor! Good Luck and God Bless! :)

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