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Can you please give me a nutrition advice?

Hello there! I think I have a proportion problem on my body. The most of the people I now say I don't have anything.I can't say I'm fat because many years ago I had lost 65 pounds with diets and exercises but I never felt my body actually became how I was expecting to be. Well the last 13-15 lbs were going up and down for a while but 9 months now I decided to stay at 121lbs with 5'4'' height.

I could stay 115lbs easily because i can lose easily weight but i look kinda skinny on the upper body. My measurements are 33-24,8-37 and I look so much like a pear shape body and I don't like it. Other women have fuller chest, back, pelvic girdle. These are the smallest parts on me. But I have stronger arms & legs hips. I remember as a child I had the same structure but my whole body was straight. My friends say I'm a natural hourglass.(?..)

Anyway, the thing is that I'm trying hard to eat proteins and make more muscle and look better but it seems that I lose weight from the bust too and other places. Only if I eat carbohydrates or fat it seems i can keep the 121lbs.Like my body can't keep proteins or something.

I can see that exercises help too. What should I do to make my body more balanced like 34-24-34 without losing any weight or harm my health?

thank you

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    Well, shoot, if your body isn't taking the muscle, it's just not taking the muscle. Some people have, for lack of a better word, awkward body chemistry.

    A fuller, curvier body is much more healthy and attractive than a body that looks like you spend 3 hours a day in the gym. Try looking into body modification as something to research. I just went through that to proportion out my physique to the way I wanted it to look. It's a combination of the right workout movements and the right diet that is conducive to change the areas you want changed.

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