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Flash Professional Help Please! Thanks!?

I need to edit my friend's flash design. First I need to change the width and height of the whole thing. How can I do this? I tried changing it under the Position and Size Menu Bar in Flash. It did change the width of the white background, but not the whole flash effect. How can I change the width of the whole thing?

I think I have to do this by editing all the frames at once, how exactly do I do it? Please explain. Thanks!

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    You can do it by unlocking all the layers on the timeline, click the Edit Multiple Frames button at the bottom of the timeline (two dark rectangles), and then click the Modify Onion Markers (next button to the right) and select Onion All. Then either click the Free Transform tool in the toolbox and click on the content on the stage to get the resize handles. Then resize the content with the handles, or just enter the new width and height in the properties window. This will change all content simultaneously. Make sure to turn the Edit Multiple Frames button off and deselect the content on the stage by clicking off the stage when you're done. JR

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