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how 2 move files between users in the same computer?

I started a new user on my computer but i want all the same files desktop icons backgrounds and everything that are on my original to be copied to it. Basicaly make a double and add to the new my personal use and keep the original for guests. If this is possible wich i think is plz help me copy as much as the stuff that i can thnx. : )

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    There a couple of ways to do this. You could login to your old profile and copy the files you over to new profile or you could copy the files over to the all users folder. If you copy to the all users file every account that is created will have access to the same desktop files.

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    one million. delete all of the quick-term archives. run > %temp% > delete all of the archives. 2. in elementary terms installation those softwares that are required 3. do no longer shop any very own or different rely on the C rigidity. 4. do no longer shop too many archives on your pc. 5. eliminate the undesirable initiate archives. run > msconfig > initiate > deselect the undesirable. 6. complete test your pc a week to maintain it freed from virus. For which you will possibly desire to have an entire/approved version of a sturdy anti virus. 7. strengthen the value of RAM Have a 1GB DDR RAM atleast. 8. Defragment the disks. initiate > All courses > upload-ons > device procedures > Disk Defragmenter. 9. do no longer open too many pages/ archives on the comparable time.

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    go on my COMPUTER and look for it or search for it

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