Bigg boobs is that a turn on?

Omg i have huge ones i have a little waist and everyone tells me my boobs r too big 4 my hips. LOl but there not fake im a 36 C and im only 13 its annoying. Cuz i feel like thats all guys look at on me! Is it true((guys)) Do u look more at girls wit huge booobs. 4 like my age?

like today i have this cute jacket and i like in co and its cold u kno so i tried too zip it up and my boobs r too big too fit in a small coat! The zipper can't go over my boobs!!! Help. Lol i love them butt Dayum! :-)

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    every boy has different taste with girls.. but some boys like girls with cures and so on.. and at 13 , 14 etc u cant help looking its just because they hit puberty.. don't worry... im a 14 year old boy and its just your testosterone levels r high at that age.. also get bigger jackets etc. so they wil fit longer..

    email me if u got the answer

    good luck

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    omg a 36 C is not big. and plus u can't be as skinny as u claim cuz the 36 part! seriously get a life! i bet in ur real life u r probably an A and this just makes u feel better. cuz if u were actually a C u would know it's not that big. i'm a 34 C so i'm skinnier then u and i'm average. actually did u know a 36 C is the average size in the united states? so quit telling people u got huge knockers when u don't

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    I might be extremely blunt, butt yeah I like the bigger ones especially if you can't zip up a coat that would be pretty hot to look at somone trying to zip something up that can't because of their boobs. So yea I like them big butt eventually the boys will have more eye candy than just you so wait.

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    What can I say !!! congratulations for having monster boobs ! but I hope they don't keep growing !!!! O_O too bad tho.... according the GRAVITY LAWS you are ... umm, pretty much... ehmm.. f**d... If you know what is that which I doubt, too bad that while your friends are going to have 19 or 20 years old perky not-too-big boobs yours are going to be huge saggy pancakes and only a grandma bra is going to help you.... not so turn on now eh ?? and just a quick question... is your brain working properly ?

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    Who cares what anyone else says. If girls say they're too big, it's most likely just jealously because the rest of them are probably still in training bras and the guys are noticing you and not them. It will be tough for a while since you've developed so quickly, but in a few years your body will even out.

    By the way, you've probably made a lot of pervs on Yahoo Answers very very happy with the visual you gave.

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    Hey ! maybe your brains moved to your boobs !!! that's why ! I don't wanna go to jail for looking (and more) at a 13 yr old chick, besides they are not even hot, you said they are bigger than your hips.... of course ! you must have a little boy body still, except for the boobs, so unattractive, so boring, such a lame question, what am I doing here !?!?!

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    I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're being serious. Breast size has a direct correlation to how men view women. Larger breast size generally increases the attraction of a man towards a woman. Of course though, insanely large breasts could also be a turn-off...

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    It is but watch out around when u are 14-16 because guys will just want u for that, so i suggest making sure u pick the right guys when u start dating because they might just use u for ur body features

  • When you become grown you will bless your genes they are lovely God made you this way it is the exact opposite of what men don;t have and it drives them wild. You have what your mates will desperately try to spend 10's of thousands of dollars on. My little cousin is embarrassed too she is 14 looks like an airbrushed magazine cover bless your genes baby.

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    yes its a turn on, especially with the small waist and the one thing many girls get confused with is if they're short they think men are lookin at their boobs or down their shirt when we're acutally just looking down to talk to their face

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