Best brand of musical instruments?

i want to buy a tenor saxophone.

which brand is best (least likely to need repairs, best sound quality, etc)?


___********What brands are the worst????

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    the best is Yamaha, King, Selmer

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    Selmer, Bundy, and Jupiter are definitely the worst. Even the more expensive models from Jupiter have weak sound quality. Selmer instruments tend to need a lot of repairs, and Bundy only has student models.

    I would say that Yanagisawa is the best brand, based on sound quality, but you have to pay the price. Yamaha makes very reliable instruments, with fairly good sound. They are relatively cheap for quality.

    I don't recommend that your buy one for much less than 2k, but if your budget is low, then go with LA Sax, especially if you want it for jazz.

    The most important part of the tenor sax sound it the mouthpiece. Even if you buy a student model, I'd advise to get the best mouthpiece you can find. It'll do miracles for you sound.

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    1 decade ago

    Best Brands: Selmer, Keilwerth, Yanagisawa, and Yamaha

    The pro models of these instruments all have very good sound quality, appearance, and mechanics but are costly.

    Worst Brands: In my opinion, Jupiters are horrible. They aren't even good for student instruments or higher models. Prestinis are also horrible.

    Bundy is a bad instrument, but it's made for student, and it's a decent value for price.

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    most of my kids in my school band have Jupiter brand instruments and they are pretty good about repairs and sound quality...

    Rico style reeds for a reed instrument do not produce good sound quality when you blow into so get another brand!

    Hope this helps!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Selmer, Jupiter, King are the best.

    Avoid using Rico reeds with these. Try Vandoren reeds, they work better.

    To produce better sound, you need to experiment with different mouthpieces, ligatures, reeds, and brands of tenor saxophones and see which you are more comfortable with

    Source(s): Own a tenor saxophone Selmer la Voix intermediate model
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    Yamaha, king, jupiter..

    the worst? I dunno, dont go for any that might cost you less than 500 bucks... T.T

    Source(s): Musician, owner of a music store...
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