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swollen gland under armpit??

What is this caused from? I am not sick and I feel ok everywhere. It sore and tender in my armpit. I can feel the gland. What the heck....

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    You might have an infected hair follicle or pore. I get them occassionally and they really feel like a bump and get sore, until i can get rid of them by putting hot water on them and then they eventually break open. They last a while though. Just make sure it is not an actual lump that you might want to have a dr check out. I usually get them from sweat glands and they go away after a few days.

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    There are lymph nodes in the armpit. Though you don't feel sick, your body is probably fighting something off, or they sometimes swell from medications.

    Because you seem to think you feel fine, I would say talk to the doctor if it doesn't go away soon. Cancer (possibly breast cancer since it's your armpit), but this is usually rare. Your glands shouldn't swell "just because" so my only other idea is that it's filled with some type of lfuid, probably the lymph, lymph nodes carry. If you're very worried just call your doctor and s/he can tell you whther or not to come in for a check up.

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    Swollen glands with women are never a thing to ignore. I would suggest getting medical attention.

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    These are your lymph nodes. They are just filtering all of the junk that the body doesn't need, including infections. They are also found in the groin area. They protect the extremity's from certain things. They help the liver with it's job. Good luck and God Bless

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    I think that might mean ur body is fighting some kind of infection. If it lasts for too much longer or gets worse you might wanna run to a doctor before you develop any other symptoms.

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