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What is the best, relatively inexpensive, camcorder?

I'll be in Europe next summer and would love to have a camcorder to document the trip. Are HD camcorders better than SD? I am looking to spend less than $300 unless there is nothing good in that price range. Other than the trip the camcorder would be used for home videos.

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    Define HD or SD...

    If by HD you mean "high definition" and SD you mean "standard definition", yes, high definition has a much clearer picture because it captures 4 times more information. The downside is depending on what you edit with and, you may have some challenges. We would need to know your computer and what editor you plan to use to provide additional guidance.

    If by HD you mean hard drive - that is actually "hard disc drive" or HDD... and by SD you mean Secure Digital flash memory, then you should know that the file formats and compression methods are basically the same - whiich means the video auality will be the same. I think the bigger differences are the known problems HDD camcorders have with vibration and high altitude - but since you have not told us where the trip will be, we have no idea if you will encouter either of these. If you do, the HDD camcorder will shut down and not record any video. In this case, Flash memory has the advantage. If you drop the camcorder and break it, getting the video transferred to a computer may be a chllenge - Data recovery companies like DriveSavers LOVE HDD camcorders because it provides them more business - with flash memory, typically, just remove the memory card and get another camcorder... and last, how long is the trip? Are you taking a computer? If you fill the hard drive on the camcorder and wnat to capture more video, what do you do? With flash memory, just bring spare cards - or buy them during your trip - and keep shooting...

    For your price range, in flash memory, there is not much choice - I would suggest miniDV tape, instead. The digital tape is cheaper than flash memory, does not have the vibration or altitude issues HDD camcorders have, the tapes are small and the video quality is as good as it can be due to the least amount of compression applied... but your computer will need a firewire port for transfer and editing the video.

    The Canon ZR900 or ZR930 are candidates.

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    I think this one is the right one for you .

    The price is rather low when with same quality.

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