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how do i get a FLAT stomach?

i want a flat stomach and there is nothing there but flatness and when i sit i want NO rolls just all skin PLEASE HELP ME IM TRYING TO DO EVERYTHING I CAN HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE?

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    We can't tell you how long it will take, we have no idea how big you are now, what you eat, or how often and hard you work out. Getting rid of stomach fat is simple: eat less, exercise the muscles, and do plenty of cardio. The cardio is especially important. You can't see the muscles if you don't burn the fat off.

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    Well you mentioned flat belly for each, so that is nearly the age-ancient entrance vs. again debate. I'm an @ss guy myself, so I'm gonna ought to pass with colossal butt and small breasts, however I are not able to strain the value of /proportions/ an excessive amount of.

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    Try substituting fish with omega -3 fatty acids such as salmon for the meat you otherwise eat. According to research studies, omega-3s help to reduce belly fat.

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    it's not natural to have a 'flat stomach'

    being a woman, your body won't want you to....

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