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I hate people who act that way!!!!!???!??!??!?

I hate people who think they are open-minded, but are actually not, and I hate people who think they are better than others for stupid reasons. You don't get what I mean, but here:

Let's say there's an Atheist person, who is all like "Yeah, I'm very open minded, and I accept people for who they are" On the other hand, they say stuff like "I hate religious people. They are deluded and stupid."

How can they say they are open minded, when they hate people who have religious affiliations???

Another example.

Someone says"I'm very open minded to everyone's sexuality, and I think pre marital sex is fine, and not whorish at all."

But then they go and say "People who wait until they are married are prudish and annoying. They're probably waiting until they are maried because they can't get some."

They say they are open to everything, but they hate people who have different opinions than them. I find that so hypocritical and asinine.

Does anyone know what I mean?


To anyone who says I sound like one of those people, what exactly do you mean?

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    Well, you need to remember that not everyone is like that.

    But you are correct, its hypocritical. I try to stay open minded most of the time, but it is humanly impossible to remain open minded 100% of the time.

    What drives me nuts more than that though, is when people have such a strong opinion about something, like gay marriage, but refuse to educate themselves on the situation. For example, many people are under the impression that civil unions give gay people the exact same rights as marriage. Therefore they are just completly offended that gay people want to steal marriage. BUT< they refuse to educate themselves about the rights that civil unions do not give and the rights gay couples are specifically denied. If they have such a strong opinion, why do they not know that?

    Same thing with marijuana. Almost everyone has a strong opinion, but 95% of the people on both sides are completly uneducated about the facts. Most people for marijuana cannot tell you the real medical risks, and most of the people against it cannot tell you why it was banned in the first place.

    I respect other people's opinions, but PLEASE, if you have a strong opinion about an issue, EDUCATE yourself on it.

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    I know exactly what you mean, but right now you sound like one of those people.

  • absolutely just like Christians who say everyone else is going to hell even if they are good people while serial killers who accept Christ are going to sit in God's lap.

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    It shows that liberal atheists aren't the perfect angels they think they are.

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