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What is a good research topic?

I have to do a huge research project adn need some ideas. Help please. I said please.

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    any type of animal, the brain

    I did mines on the king cobra and got a 90%

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    Research Diet Coke & Mentos!!!

    Your research could include exploding Diet Coke bottles using Mentos and taking notes on the reaction. It could also include information from videos such as "Diet Coke + Mentos" by Eepybird.

  • meg H
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    1 decade ago

    last year i did one on child abuse

    year brfore that cancer research

    year before that stem cell research

    there are so many topics...

    pick 1 u feel comfortaable with

    but i have a question what grade are u in. are u in highschool yet?

    PS: i have gotten a 100% on all my term papers and im a senior in high school.....

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