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Why do Atheist ask Christians to respect their freedom of religion, yet refuse to respect what we believe?

Seriously, if you're an Atheist, I don't care what you believe. Believe what you want, I don't condemn you for that. But I would just love to Practice my beliefs without being criticized. Atheist are all the time talking about Christians, some Christians are hypocritical and Hateful, but not all of us. Atheist are all the time trying to Prove that Jesus didn't exist.

If not for Christians, you wouldn't have freedom of Religion. Freedom of Religion was a Christian Right, and a Right Christians thought they should share with everyone, no matter their beliefs.

Now there are Christians out there who are real extreme and hateful. But If they knew anything about Christianity, Jesus never hated anyone, Jesus never taught hate.

Christians aren't the only ones who have tried to impose their Beliefs on others. One of the most horrid men of the 1900s was an Atheist, Hitler.

Christianity may have been used to Justify Slavery, but also Christianity is what ended it.

The point is, not all us Christians are hateful. Not all of us are Anti-Gay, or Anti-Muslim, or Anti-Atheist. Jesus himself was an Anti-religious person. Jesus was killed because he broke 2 religious laws.


I never said Atheism was a religion, now did I? I fully understand what it is

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    I know what the problem with Atheism is, They don't like a higher power of them; so they disrespect God. They know he's there, just doesn't show respect to him, because he his higher than all of them and that he is all around, but they can't touch him; but he can hear every word said and sometimes it makes him cry or be happy. I learned that from Pope John Paul The second.

    Source(s): Pope John Paul the Second found that out.
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    Actually freedom of religion was an Enlightenment idea rather than a Christian one. Massachusetts Puritans had to forced by the British government to let other Christians in.

    I don't try and prove Jesus didn't exist, just argue with people who claim that there is more evidence that he existed than someone like George Washington.

    Hitler was a Catholic. Stalin or Pol Pot would have been better examples for your point.

    I appreciate that not all Christians are bigots, but a lot of right wing Christians do post here and so the responses do get heated.

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    Yes, I know, horse's a***s come in every shape & size. Only speaking for myself, I understand what you're saying & though you may not have all the facts straight, at least you seem to know some important things about your chosen beliefs. I've always found it strange that some christians bash away at those who haven't come around to their side. You already know Jesus hung out with gays & prostitutes, he had no problems with them, so what's the deal with the self-righteous behavior of some of these supposed christians? If you spend enough time on here, you'll start to see why some atheists are absolutely furious with these rude people. I would never try to prove Jesus didn't exist, I'm just saying Jesus was a really common name in that time, and if you do some more research you'll find about 200 other "messiahs" in that region at the same time. I respect your right to think as you will, and would apologize for the horrible treatment by some atheists if I felt I had the right to speak for them. But I don't. :)

    Source(s): Happy atheist who likes polite people of all kinds
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    Religious freedom is most certainly NOT a "Christian Right". It is right given to everyone, no matter what they believe, and established by the founders - who were not Christians, but deists.

    Share you religion with people who wish to hear it. I was already a Christian. I know what it means to be a Christian. I know what you believe and why. I don't want to be preached to.

    I do not want my freedoms and liberties taken away because Christian organizations think my loving another woman is "icky" or "immoral", and that I am not worthy of raising my two wonderful children. You may not personally be anti-anything, but many others are, and they are the ones who yell the loudest and have no tolerance for me - and so I have no tolerance for them.

    Hitler was not an atheist, BTW. It's a pretty well-known fact that he was religious and believed he was doing god's work. You can't ignore the documentation that proves this and pretend he was an evil atheist.

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    No, dear, Jesus was killed because he broke a few other laws that had very little to do with religion. He told the people to stop paying taxes and disobey their religious and political leaders. He was a lot like a lot of other young men of his time who were also crucified.

    Oh, and christianity didn't end slavery, if all those good christians in the south had their way, blacks, orientals, and natives would still be slaves

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    We respect your right/freedom to believe whatever you like, We do not have to respect *what* you believe.

    In return, we ask you to respect our right/freedom to not believe.

    We don't give a dam* whether or not you respect what we might, or might not believe.

    If you can manage that, and stop getting in our faces with your superstition.

    If you will stop lying, Things like ( One of the most horrid men of the 1900s was an Atheist, Hitler.), Hitler was a Roman Catholic, in good standing with his church.

    But I agree, he was a horrid little man.

    Interestingly enough, probably the MOST horrid man of all time, was Tomás de Torquemada, a christian.

    Lies like: If not for Christians, you wouldn't have freedom of Religion. Freedom of Religion was a Christian Right,

    It was Deists who wrote it into the American constitution, and christians who opposed it in every way they could, in Europe, and are still opposing it today, in America.

    If you stop trying to use political influence, to destroy the constitution, and our freedon not to believe.

    If you stop your politicians from making hatemongering assertions like, "Atheists cannot be patriots",or "Atheists should be stripped of their citizinship", or, "Atheists should be locked up, because they are criminals, just looking for a crime to commit"

    If you will stop making hate posts, like your own above, and if you stop judging the world, by your own bigoted standards,then we will stop mocking your beliefs, stop calling them superstitions, hateful,and bigoted.

    But it will never be you that does any of those things; Will it?

    And when you are caught doing it, you will have been taken out of context: Won't you?

    You will insist that christians who do not behave as you are trying to convince us that christians behave, are "not proper christians".

    You will insist that everything which Hitler wrote about himself, and everything which was written about him by people who knew him, is a lie, prefering to believe one book, written by someone who was not there, and never privy to his thoughts. A book who's sources cannot be verified; Much like your bible.

    Won't you?

    PS. Jesus never hated anyone, Jesus never taught hate.

    read your bible again, because you have got that wrong too.

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    As an atheist, I have no problem respecting anyone's religious practices and faith. I am perfectly happy to respect the followers of Islam and Christianity and every other faith or religion. I expect the same courtesy when it comes to respecting the fact that I do not believe. If someone tries to 'force' respect however they will fail and that individual will forfeit the right to any such coutesy or respect afforded to members of their faith, as a respected part of our society.

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    Why do Atheists? first of all start your questions with atheists (plural) instead of atheist, unless you are asking just one atheist then, state a name. Yes, Hitler the madman wanted to be called a messiah, Christ back again. I don't believe there ever was a Jesus, there just isn't any proof. If you are sincere in trying to do good, a loving God,...then good for you, beats a lot of other beliefs.

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    I agree that generalizations about Christians are almost worthless.

    That said, I respect your right to believe in what you want to. I do not

    have to respect the specific beliefs you choose to hold.

    Beliefs do not have some special immunity from criticism.

    We all learn from self-examination of our ideas, and by the

    criticism of others who disagree. If your beliefs cannot stand

    close scrutiny, than perhaps they are not supportable and

    should be changed or discarded.

    And when did freedom of religion become a Christian right?

    Freedom of religion is a principle developed by philosophers

    during the European Enlightenment, and was fought tooth and nail by Christianity.

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    You act as if you had anything to do with the freedom of religion act. Also Hitler was not an atheist he was either catholic or christian(check the links). Oh and you might want to quit the straw-man arguments it makes you look like a republican.

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    First, Hitler was not an atheist.

    "The National Socialist Movement has wrought this miracle. If Almighty God granted success to this work, then the Party was His instrument."

    -Adolf Hitler, in his proclamation to the German People on 01 Jan. 1939

    Second, no, not all Christians try to impose their beliefs. But enough do to make it a problem.

    To be fair, so do atheists. So let's say 90% of both Christians and atheists don't try to impose their beliefs upon others. Let's say the other 10% do.

    Okay, 10% of vocal Christians means ~24 million. 10% of vocal atheists means ~1.5 million. That's 16-1. See the issue?

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