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what can i do to change my look? (pictures)?

im ready for a change. what could i do with my hair, makeup, etc to change up my look?

any and all opinions welcome.


the purple is temporary! it was for a concert thing lol.

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    a side fringe would look nice on you, like a long one,

    what about lipstick? in a pale/nude pink colour, i think you're too pretty to wear too much make up, and you look good as you are,

    but i would seriously consider the fringe! :)

  • if u really wanna change ur look make ur hair black or blond

    on the pic ur eyes look green so if they r green black hair will go really nice and blond also

    for makeup u have to use some warm colors like brown, bronze and also purple and black, just don't use blue eye shadows.

    for ur lips...really light pink color not to much and maybe a little gloss

    coz if u put a lot of makeup on ur eyes then ur lips dont need a lot of it

    hope it will help u

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    Maybe dye it to a lighter brown.

    Get a hair cut. A nice straight bang or a short side fringe would look good on you. And some layers.

    Just for a start.


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    Your picture only shows your face and hair so I assume thats all you want to change. I have seen females change there hairstyle (cut, color or simply wear it different) and it totally changes there look.

    Its something you will have to play around with as not everyone can wear every hairstyle.

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  • 1 decade ago

    you could start by getting that purple or pink outta ur hair! hah but idk cute face just spend more time putting make up on. but cute pic.

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