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10 weeks pregnant and i feel weird?

When I put my hips up in the air while im laying on my back, right above my pubic bone is flat and you cant see a bump. but when I sit down it is uncomfortable. Its like my stomach is in the way. I feels so weird. Am I the only one who feels like this at a early pregnancy?

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    im 18 yrs old n 12wks pregnant, its a weird feeling yes, I don't have a bump really at all standing up, sometimes wen I walk my legs cramp up n I can't walk, im really scared about this all im worried when it don't kick often & all, but yes sometimes when I sit down I need to curl up into a ball it feels that uncomfortable. Feels more uncomfortable when ya trying to sleep & it is having like a tantrum & kick me & moving around a lot.

  • I felt like I had a tummy long before I started to show. You can feel things changing in you and moving around even though you haven't expanded enough to "pop out". I actually remember feeling a bit uncomfortable until my belly started to get comments, because I felt like I was big, but my pants still fit and the mirror didn't show anything!

    Just hang on, pretty soon that belly really WILL be in the way, and you'll start feeling the baby, it gets better!!!!

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    let me get this right? you are lying on your back with your hips elevated and you wonder why your stomach feels different than when your just plain old sat down?? Everything feels wierd at this time, you may feel bloated and tired and sick and hormonal, so no you won't be the only one who feels like this.

  • It is probably everything stretching out.I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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