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From what movie is this scene...(see below)?

It's a little girl's birthday. Her mother has made her a cake. The little girl asks for another piece of cake and her mom flies of the handle and makes her eat the whole cake. This is not Matilda, I remember the scene specifically. I'm pretty sure it's a serious movie and not a show.

If you don't remember the girl having to eat the cake and you just remember the mom going crazy I'd appreciate the name of that movie anyway..

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  • ceo408
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    1 decade ago
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    was it mommie dearest? i'm not sure if there was a cake scene because i saw it very long ago, but it does have a crazy mother

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    Is that from ella enchanted? Her mother says eat the whole thing or just tells her to eat the cake so she cant stop cuz she has to do what shes told. I dont know if thats right though sorry

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