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Genesis bible help please?

A couple of questions ?

According to genesis 17:1-8 - What new name did god give to Abraham ?

According to genesis 17:15-17,19,

What new name did god give sarai ?

What did god promise to give Abraham and Sarah?

What did abraham do when he heard god's promise?



I dont have time to look this up, im on a strick deadline, and i no the good people of yahoo answers will help me.

I have a few more to add.

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    Abraham (father of many nations)was the new name before that his name was Abram.

    Sarah (mother of nations)

    He promised them a child in their old age

    Abraham laughed

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    You did good, but got a little bit turned around there. It goes like this:

    1.) Abram's name was changed to Abraham.

    2.) Sarai's name was changed to Sarah.

    3.) God promised to give Abraham and Sarah a son named: Isaac.

    4.) Abraham bowed face down on the ground and laughed.

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    You have both answers in your question LOL

    Abram was given Abraham and Sarai was given Sarah

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    The answers to these questions are in the Bible so why are you asking this here?

    You can Google Online Bibles in several languages and translations and look up the verses if you hanvt got a bible with you!

    Source(s): Google is your friend!
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    well god gave "abram" a new name, and that would be abraham to the other ones i dont really know

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    whoa - a couple means two


    God changed Abram's name to Abraham for his faithfulness

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    I don't do quizzes

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