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My eyes always look tired!!?

every day at school my eyes always have this dull tired look to them and i hate it!!!!!!!!!!! they drive me crazy!!!!!!!!!!! i get compliments that i am really pretty but i cant stand how my eyes look!! does anyone know anyways i can make them stand out more???? ( i have brown eyes and i wear just a thin line of eyeliner on my bottm lashes)

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    try dabbing bit of cover-up under your eyes and in the corners, and try adding a bit of light eye-shadow it makes your eyes look brighter.

    also try adding a bit of mascara, it will make your eyes look a bit bigger and it will draw away from your "dull tired look"


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    Use either a concealer one shade lighter than your skin on your circles, or use one of those eye liner/shadow crayons in a light shimmery pink. Draw it directly onto the circles and blend; also apply it to the inner corners of your eyes and underneath your eyebrows (brow bone). The shimmer reflects light and makes the circles almost disappear, and it works better than concealer. Stay away from dark shadow, especially purples, since that will make your eyes look smaller and more tired. Use light, shimmery colors on your eye lids to make them look larger and more awake. Curl your lashes also.

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    I have a related problem like this. But, for me its like a disorder. I develop these really heavy dark circles under my eyes, no matter how much I sleep. But for me, I just put lots of foundation on, sounds bad I know but it works. & I usually wear eyeliner on top of my eyelids, which makes it not so bad. But, foundation, concealer, & a little more eyeliner works for me. & If you're like me, and never sleep, try to get more sleep, it could help. Hope I helped you out.

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    Mascara is key!!! Mascara will open your eyes much more

    than you would think.. Also try a dark eye shadow on the inner corner of your eye lids and a lighter color towards the outter edge it will also open up your eyes..Another good trick is to try a white somewhat shiny or metallic cream based shadow on the inter corners of the eyes a little below your eye brows to brighten your eyes!

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    Your Body clock is probably not doing so good if your going to bed at different times , you probably would benefit from sticking too going to bed at the same time every night that way you get a good sleep and look less sleepy also having the right Nutrition Drink lots of cold water, wheat crackers,nuts, yogurt,fruit and Veggies.

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    Well are they baggy or just tired looking? For tired eyes you might want to try foundation under and over your eyes. Also you can cover it up with a smokey eye and try dark charcoal colors to accent everything else but those tired eyes!

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    Try not wearing eye liner and see if you see an improvement. I have the same problem, and not wearing eye liner makes my eyes look better, much better

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    use white eyeliner (pencil) in your waterline, (lower lashes) it reflects the light and makes your eye look more awake and bright

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    Um makeup? Get an eye concealer to hide all of the under eye wrinkles. Are you getting enough sleep? Try to get to bed earlier if thats what it is.

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    more eyeliner on the top . mascara and a eyelash curler ... u can also try like a nice color of eyeshadow

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