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How can parents abandon their kids?

It's what's happening in Poland at the moment; the parents leave the country in search for a better life, but leave the kids alone, and don't look after them at all, they're gone for good. how could anyone do this? what are your thoughts; thanx.

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    ask my mom. she had a daughter 10yrs older than me and a son 8yrs older than me. she met my dad, i was born, and they left the country w/o my siblings. their father wanted my parents to buy them basically, and my parents didn't have the $. i didn't even know about them until i was 15.

    at first, you feel sorry for her right? like OMG, she had to leave her babies. but she did it all over again. she partied too hard, drank too much, and had too many "boyfriends". she finally left my father for her 3rd husband when i was 8 and my little sister was 5. and this time, she had no excuse for deserting her kids. no one was forcing her to "buy" us. her excuse was her life was too unstable for kids (in other words, she didn't want to stop partying just yet)

    she's got 4 grown kids, her 3 girls don't talk to her, and her son only uses her/ mooches off her. she has 7 grandkids from us and hasn't been to any of their births. she did visit for my dd1's first b-day back when we were trying to reconcile.

    also when we attempted to reconcile our relationship, she stole thousands of dollars from my little sister and myself.

    mother of the year, that one. ya right.

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    That is just selfish of them, i mean- why should a better life matter if your children r without u, living a sad life elsewhere.....i could never leave either of my kids for ne reason ever.

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    how can parents do anything bad?!

    they're suppose to love & cherish & support their children,

    not beat them, leave them alone for hours on end, & kill them.

    there are many people that want to be parents but they can't have kids,

    and then there are these people who are always abusing their children.

    it makes me sick,

    & also upset for the child.

    the children don't deserve it,

    they didn't to anything wrong 99% of the time!

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    Selfish a55holes

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    turn them over to the police or social services

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    how can parents beat their kids?

    how can parents sexual abuse their kids?

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