What product do you get when acetyl chloride reacts with...?

C6H5CH3 and AlCl3

and also

if possible...is it correct that p-chlorobenzoic acid could be made by having p-chlorotoluene and reagents NaCr2O7/H+??


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    This is the Friedel Crafts acylation reaction and makes a ketone that has an aromatic ring on one side and a CH3 from the acetyl chloride on the other. The methyl group already on the benzene ring is not involved, but is an ortho/para director so those products will be favored.

    CH3C(O)-C6H4-CH3 is the product.

    If you are not familiar with the notation, C(O) means C=O and the CH3 and C6H4 are bonded to the C of the C=O.

    The answer to the second question is YES. Side chain oxidation is a useful way to make an aromatic carboxylic acid

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