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Any psychics out there who can tell me if my cat is still alive? Serious answers,please?

She goes by the name of Chilli, and she-s been missing for a week now. I wanted to know if she-s still alive and I should keep looking for her or if she ll be back home by herself, or if she passed away.

Serious answers, please


We've looked everywhere in the neighborhood. There are plenty food sources since most people have outdoor cats here in Mexico. But she's spayed, and the longest she's been away is a couple of days. This time has been a week.

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    don't make me laugh. Have faith in the lord hunny and hey will bring ur cat home


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    Your cat chilli is alive. A kinfolk, with toddlers, that lives on the threshold of you has accompanied her. This kinfolk lives in an residence, and that they infrequently will take Chili outdoors or to the park. An exception ought to be made in the event that they flow to the food market or paying for mall. I see a boy and female, a protracted time 4 to 7. i'm getting a feeling that the mum is single or divorced, and drives a white economic device motor vehicle - probable a Toyota. i can merely propose be looking out in parking plenty. it somewhat is a probability that the mum will flow away the youngsters and Chilli in the motor vehicle mutually as she is going paying for.

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    No. There are no psychics that can answer this.

    Cats can be gone for two days without blinking. A week is questionable. I'd keep looking for another week or so.

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    I'm sure your cat is okay. Someone probably found her and is taking good care of her. Check your local shelters and post signs with a reward offer to whomever finds her. I'm sorry you lost your kitty; I hope you find her!

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    She has found a new home!

    Source(s): Learn to keep your kitties inside and they will not get lost and be safe. Both of my cats stay inside and they are always safe and happy.
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    are you entirely sure you want to know that?

    keep searching for your kitty.

    Source(s): not a psychic.
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