What is a good starting weight for benching?

I'm 16 years old, and I'm just switching from doing push ups to benching now to try and bulk up. I've never benched before, but today I plan to workout my chest, biceps, and triceps. Whats a good weight/reps for me to start at with the benching, and also what are some workouts you would recommend for biceps and triceps?


oops didn't mean to say tris. just chest and bis.

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    Find the maximum weight you can raise once. Back off to 80%. Do rwo sets of 10 reps.

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    It would take a lot to explain the whole thing but here is a link to a web-site that will help. http://www.onerepmax.com/ After determining what weight to begin with, be sure to read up on proper lifting techniques; and please, do yourself a favor and don't be tempted to go too heavy too soon. You'll risk the chance of injury and burn-out. Also, be sure to work the opposing muscles as well. For example, if you do bench presses, also do some seated rows. If you work your biceps, also work your triceps. Abdominals/lower back, quadriceps/hamstrings. It will keep you balanced and lessens the chance of injury.

    Oh, and by the way, there is absolutely no reason that you can't do your biceps and triceps on the same day as your chest and back. You may even want to throw in some shoulder work while you are at it. The important thing is to be sure to allow one day of rest before you hit the same muscle groups again. Try a split routine where you work your upper body on M-W-F and your lower body on T-Th-Sat. There are so many neat routines to explore. Pick up a reputable weight-training magazine for some good ideas. Good luck :)

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    That guy's answer (the first one) sounds about right as far as weight, and kudos for mastering push-ups before benching. Bench a weight which you can rep around 6-10 times on the first set. Also, be sure to use proper form. If you are just starting to bench it is the PERFECT time to master good form (don't bounce the bar off your chest, keep elbows fairly close to your body when bringing the weight down, slowly down, explode up, KEEP SHOULDER BLADES DOWN AND BACK [poke your chest out]). Don't start with bad habits and ingrain them into your mind-muscle connections.

    Just go to menshealth.com and search bench press. They will surely have an article on good form.

    But MOST IMPORTANTLY, keep your back as strong as your chest from the beginning. Do rowing movements, pull-ups/chin-ups, etc. There is nothing worse than bad posture and slouching due to a chest/back strength imbalance, trust me.

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    I recommend Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength program. (Google it/acquire the book.) It's a great way for beginners to build up strength quickly.

    Do the routine 3 non-consecutive days a week.

    Alternate between:-

    Workout One: Squat {3 sets of 5)

    Bench Press (3x5)

    Deadlift (1x5)

    Workout Two: Squat (3x5)

    Military (overhead) Press (3x5)

    Bent-over Rows (3x5)

    All these exercises are compound exercises which will work numerous muscles at the same time.

    For a newcomer to weight training, this routine will give you stronger arms, chest, shoulders, back, and legs.

    And make sure you warm up by stretching and doing 3 low weight warm-up sets for each exercise.

    Source(s): Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe (Book) Bodybuilding.com Various fitness magazines.
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    For bench it is different for everybody. Just start and warm-up with the bar (45 lbs.) and add 10 lbs. to each side until you really feel it. make sure you have a spotter.

    for biceps...curls are the best exercise. you can use dumbbells or a straight or curl bar.

    for triceps...dumbbell extensions, pulldowns, dips and skull-crushers all work really well.

    bodybuilding.com has tons of information and exercises if you want to get big.

    hope this helps

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    okay well first of all don't do all 3 of those exercises at once...you can do tricepts and chest.. or you can bi's and tri's at the same time.. don't do all three.. and start off with whats ever is heavy.. but not to heavy.. i would say throw either a 25 on each side or a 35 to start off...

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