The Maine + All Time Low + Mayday Parade concert at the Kool Haus, how early show i go?

soooo, in 11 days i am going to see The Maine, Mayday Parade, All Time Low and Every Avenue at the Kool Haus in toronto?

i know there's already advanced entry for people who bought the presale with all time low, but i was wondering if anyone knew about how early i should go if i want to be really close, like amazing spots?

also, if you have any advice or whatever, for where to stand or somettthiiingg? idk, ive never really been to a show where everyones standing up and stuff, soooo yeah :) thanks.

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    Yeah, one hour early will NOT work hahahahah!

    I live in Seattle, and I usually get there about 10 hours early?

    That tour came around here on the 7th and I couldn't get in line as early as I wanted (got there at 11:30) and there were already like 15 people there.

    But it depends where you live too.


    And as for the where to stand, it depends on how "fragile" you are.

    It's going to be intense, I can promise that. It's worth braving 12 hours in the cold Toronto weather for getting 2nd row or something close.

    Don't wear flip-flops, don't wear any accessories that can be yanked off (hoop earrings or something).

    Hope that helps a little...

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    I got there an hour before the doors opened when they came to Anaheim and I was in the third row :). I didn't really mind that I wasn't in the front because they always come out after to give fans hugs, sign autographs, and take pictures.

    The trick is to shove your way through. I ditched the people that I went with so that I'd be that close because none of them wanted to be mean and push people. A mosh pit was created at their concert and it was pretty intense and I was pushed over three times so be careful and don't wear sandals/anything loose. I have never experienced the need to put my hair up and was fine with it down, but if you're in a big city, it might be different.

    Have fun! It was an amazing night :)

    Oh and don't forget to stay after because all of the bands came out and I met Zach (from All Time Low); John, Kennedy, Jared, Pat, and Garrett (from The Maine); and a few of the members of Every Avenue and Mayday Parade.

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    I went to their show in New York City, the doors opened at 5:30 p.m. and I got there at 8:30 a.m. I was 28th in line.

    If you go really early like I did you should get the front, I was 1st row. And let me tell you it was HELLA AMAZING! People who get there an hour before the show regret it, they wind up standing all the way in the back.

    Also, if you want to meet them. Leave in the middle of their last song and go find their bus/van. Wait there, usually security either comes out to tell you where to wait, or if your lucky there is no security and you can just run up to them when they come out.

    Another thing, before you get into the venue. PUT YOUR HAIR UP! Someone told me to, but I didn't listen. Your hair gets stuck to other people's bodies and hurts BAD. But if you put it up you'll be okay. You will probably sweat a lot too.

    (By the way, I don't know how big or popular your town is. So if it isn't such a big place, you don't have to get there so early. And the concert pit might not be so intense.)

    Last tip: HAVE FUN!

    Edit: Yeah like the girl below me said, don't wear anything loose. If you wear a loose jacket and you try to move up in the crowd, you might get pulled back. NO EARINGS OR NECKACES, VERY DANGEROUS. And put your phone in your bag or something that closes, it may fall out of your pocket. And if you are using your camera, don't hang it around your neck and hold it tight if your lifting it up in the air to snap a picture.


    Source(s): I went to their tour concert in New York City on 10/12, and other concerts before that
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    Get there an hour before the doors open.

    No need to get there super early.

    You can always make your way to the front.

    Once the bands start playing the crowd starts moving.

    So thats when you make your move.

    Be careful with crowd surfers.

    They'll be coming from everywhere.

    So watch your head and face.

    The crowd gets pretty insane so try not to fall down.

    Good luck and have fun =]

    Source(s): Concert Experience
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    First thing: You're hella lucky! Second thing: Go like and hour early or something, I guess, and just make sure to be careful when standing up. People will literally push you through the excitement of it all. Have fun(:

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    OMG im going too!! so excited, go early, like super early, and get like frount row!

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