easy algebra question!?

the sum of two numbers is -9.One number is 13 more than the other. Determine the value of the two numbers.


and ill give 10 points for an explained answer!

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    Let x represent the first number.

    Let y represent the second number.

    The equation for the sum of the two numbers is x+y=-9.

    The second equation is x=y+13 or can be rearranged into x-y=13

    To find the two unknown variables, you need to add the equations together and isolate one of the variables.

    When the two equations are added together, it would give you 2y=-22

    Solve for for the y value in 2y=-22 and sub in y for any of the two starting equations.

    Therefore, x=2 and y=-11

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    x + y = -9

    x = y + 13

    Subtract the two expressions.

    x + y - (x) = -9 - (y + 13)

    y = -y - 22

    2y = -22

    y = -11

    Plug y = -11 back in.

    x + y = -9

    x + (-11) = -9

    x = 2

    So your answer is 2 and -11.

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