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Who has read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley?

Ok so i have a little assignment to do and im a little bit confused..This is the whole question:

Victor attributes his downfall to his search for knowledge. Do you think this is the true cause of his suffering? If so, does this mean that the novel presents knowledge as dangerous and destructive? Explore the consequences of this kind of view of knowledge and learning.

Any ideas? :)


and im not an idiot i know the answer to it, but getting other people's input could help expand my paragraph.

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    No, I never believed that Frankenstein suffers because of his search for knowledge. He suffers because he instantly judges and abandons the creature at the moment of his creation. If Victor had nurtured the creature, who knows how things may have turned out? Failing that, he also could have destroyed it immediately. His failure to act at that the crucial moment when he first creates that life is what causes all the pain and suffering (including that of the create itself) that happens after that.

    I think it is more about taking responsibility for the things that our knowledge creates. He takes the responsibility upon himself to destroy the creature, but much too late, and even then, it is as much about revenge as being responsible.

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    Knowledge of how to create life or knowledge of anyway to obtain power is dangerous. Victor's search for knowledge was also a search for power...hence knowledge is power. The knowledge of power is dangerous and destructive. But the true search for knowledge to better one's self in matters of education is fundamental and extraordinary.

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    I believe that it is the true cause of his suffering. If you think about it this could have a biblical meaning. Eating of the forbidden fruit of knowledge of good and evil. Victor was dealing with forces that were greater than himself and that was his punishment, the knowledge itself.

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    This wonderful book is really quite short. Almost anyone can read it in a couple of sittings. If you have read it you will know the answer to your question. If you read it and don't know, then you must have been skimming.

    What is it with Answer's kids... don't they ever do their own homework.

    If you get a job someday will you expect the person at the desk next to you to do your work?

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    I havent read that book. So sorry.

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