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does this kid that i like, like me? please help i need advice?

hey guys. Theres this kid i like, and im not sure if he likes me. But today at school we always sit together, but today his friend came and sat next to us too, and his friend started flirting with me a lot. Then John (the kid i like) started kind of ignoring me, after i would talk to his friend. Then his friend asked me out to the movies on friday and then john was like "are you gana answer him!? he just asked u out!"

then after class john usually waits for me but then today he just kind of left me. Then i saw him standing next to where we usually say bye and i asked him if he was mad at me and he was like no and then he just kind of left.

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    ask out john he likes you if he says no out with his friend

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    Sorry....... I do not understand.....

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