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guitar pickup question. PLZ HELP?

hey i recently bought a charvel rock legend with a maple neck and a single bridge humbucker (seymour duncan custom custom). i was looking more for a vintage les paul type tone but i love the van halen stripes on the guitar. i was thinking of putting a seymour duncan 59 that i have in another one of my guitars in. would that do anything substancial. lmk thanks.


i got it in a trade for a guitar that i wasnt using and wanted to get rid of. i didnt know the guitar woudl sound so weak even compared to my godin summit ct.

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    Sorry to say, but changing pickups won't give you that Les Paul tone. A Les Paul's tone is a combination of pickups, pick up placement, wood type, body mass and style, etc.

    The single bridge humbucker Charvels were made for modern rock. There was a time (80's) when a lot of guitarists preferred the sound of just a bridge pickup and never even flicked the toggle to the neck position. I have an old Charvel that used to only have a bridge p/u and I left the neck slot empty because I thought it was cool looking. Well, I've matured and grown up. I replaced the humbuckers with an EMG 81/89 combo. That guitar screams.

    You could drop in a '59 Duncan and maybe even use an old Gibson pickup (it won't look very attractive) and it will definitely change the sound, but it will be hard to replicate a Les Paul.

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    Charvels aint cheap, why did you buy it if you wanted an LP, guess I could put new pick ups on an old Byrdland, but it's still what it is.

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    perhaps use slash's pickups. alnico pro 2's. they give a nice fat sound and a vintage sound, thats y slash uses only them in his les pauls. hope this helps!!!

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