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What can I reply to this girl?

Some girl I don't know texted me saying she wanted to meet me. She called and hung up yesterday, but sent me another text today. I asked her "hi... who are you?" and she replied "I'm Sarah... I'd like to be your friend". What can I reply to her now? I need to get more info on her.

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  • I would try to call her back and ask how she got ur number and where she knows ya from.. Stuff like that drives me crazy till I know the answers.. I use to have this guy call me just to hear me breath lol..WTF is up with that..

  • pink
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    I would find out who she is before you talk to her more. That's kind of wierd that out of nowhere someone has your phone number, knows who you are and wants to be your friend. It sounds creepy actually.

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    she seems like a creeper.

    dude just ask stuff like who are u . why r u texting me. and like do i know u

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well you just answered your own question, get more info

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    just be freinds wat harm could it do?

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