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Question to all ladies out there?

all girls in middle school and high school (no adult women please) can u tell me what u look for in a guy?

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    I like someone who has a good sense of humor and can make me laugh. I don't go for the guys that are obsessed with their ego- that really bothers me.

    I hate guys that are big flirts. It's sorta gross. Plus someone who doesn't try and show off.

    I'm not really that particular but they also have to be willing to ask me out themselves face-to-face not by their friends or over text or something like that.

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    Honestly, first I look at looks. If he's cute I want him to talk to me because a lot of times I'll be sort of shy. I'd want a cute guy who'll talk to me like a human being but be affectionate like give me hugs and lots of kisses and who'll be fun to be around. Sometimes guys who try and get in your pants are fun ahha

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    I like a guy that is outgoing, kind, smart, funny, cute/hot, athletic, has a good personality, and popular.

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    someone that you can trust, and is not a jerk around his friends and that you can be yourself around. having Little in common is a major plus. looks are a good thing to

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    one who is nice to you and not rude like most of the jerks out there, one who's funny, smart, athletic, and sweet. and, of course, good looks dont hurt!

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    athltetic, makes you laugh, always there for you and someone who gives the best hugs

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    some fine *** body!

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