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how to convince your parents to get you Xbox Live, and CoD4?

my parents hate games that you kill people in. They think that it will affect you and that you may become a killer or something. I do not believe that. My friends all play it and they are fine. I have Gears of war and they are fine with it. I haven't asked them yet if i can get Live, but if they say no, what should i do/say?

what should i do?!!!

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    First thing you need to do: Stop Asking! You don't want to get on your parents nerve's about the game,that way they might not get the game at all.

    COD 4:

    Save up all the money yourself for the game.

    That will show them how much you really want the game

    and can show you are willing to work for something you want

    Also you might want to do some chores around the house without them telling you too.

    Xbox Live:

    Tell them you would want Xbox Live and you would offer to do somethings to earn it(chores,shool work,etc...). Don't say anything about Xbox Live, and Xbox Games, or anything that has to do with Xbox for awhile after this talk. Then start doing better in school , it don't have to be straight A but atleast try to do better than your doing now.Try to pay close attention in class. Do some chores around house for free, and they'll eventually offer to get you it. I've done this to get some other things before and it works every time

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    Goto the keep and get an xbox 360 instantaneous adapter, configure the instantaneous settings and make a stay account, you additionally could make new bills everymonth for unfastened without password yet you need to make a clean account each time.

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    don't ask for xbox live.. just ask for money...

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