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can u interperet this strange dream?

last night i had a very vivid dream:

i went over to my neighboors house (the lady that i normaly babysit for) to watch her kids. while i was waiting for them to get ready i was looking around and saw this cage. it was a very unique cage. it was seperated into two big cages the top being a bee hive cage and the bottom being a bird cage with several different types of colorful birds. inside of the bird cage there was a much smaller bird cage with many small birds closly together ontop of that cage there was one of the birds that belonged to the group of birds. inside of each cage there were these "plants". the "roots" of the plants came from the top and where berries that led to purple leaft plants. the bird on top of the cage was taking the plant out of the cage he was on top of and trying to put it over where he was sort of like a home for himself but a bird inside the cage kept taking them away from him. when the babysitting parents were getting ready they had this cute outfit on there daugher and said to her "show he your outfit" and i looked at her and said "oh dont you look so adorable" then the parents said "well it looks like we didnt need you as long as we though so your aloud to go home" i said "well while you guys are out i can take care of your pets for you"(refering to the birds and bees). they said "ok but be very careful with them" i picked up the cage and started taking it over to my house but as i am doing so the top of the cage is loose so i try to close it and one of the bees comes out and says "hey be carefull there are some of us under that lid that you are squishing" i said "sorry" by the time i got to my house the bees had started attacking me and stinging me. when i got the cage inside my house it was only the purple plant of the bees and i hung it up outside on my porch. i all of a sudden was wearing a robe and i went into a bedroom to check out the sting marks and they were all up and down my inner leg. but as i went to look i relized that i hadnt checked the room and there was a little boy that was aprently staying with us in the room and i said "sorry" and left to a different room. and then all of a sudden the cage was fixed but then my cat ate one of the red birds. and i went to give the cage back to the parents and then my dream ended.

it was extreamly strange and very vivid. i was trying to peice together bits of it.

yesterday my little sister had a tv show on where the kids on the show were freaking out because there was a bee. so that could explain the bees.

also i was feeling guilty because i had to cancle the last to babysitting jobs because family emergencies came up. and that could explain my guilt over the cage being messed up wen i brought it back to them.

but other than that i cant figure it out.

i asked my psychology teacher and what he came up with was me not being happy with the babysitting job because of either bad payment, hours, kids, or w/e. but i dont think thats it because the people are very nice, pay very well, and the kids are adorable.

do u think u can interperet this???

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    It is difficult to interpret in a way to add much to what you have interpreted on your own. The main thing I see in the dream is that it is not a good idea to take on more responsibility than you are capable of handling. That one may be good at baby sitting under normal conditions, but when trying to take care of a situation as strange and complicated as the situation involving the cage in the dream, you could easily get into all sorts of trouble. Those who you might be in charge of in a situation that is complicated and a little overwhelming could treat you in a bad way(like the bees).if they feel neglected. Also, others you are in charge of could come to harm while you are not keeping a good eye on them(like the bird). One can always take on too much in this world and find oneself unable to keep a situation under proper control. One needs to assess a situation and determine if you really feel that you can capably handle it, before taking on a responsibility. Meditate/pray, exercise, and eat healthy, so that you will stay spiritually strong and able to take on the right type of responsibilities for you to be successful in life.

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    Dreams are a continuation of your waking thoughts. While asleep your subconscious is patching together images that evoke the same emotions you feel while awake. The new place and the sick little boy both represent a new responsibility. You are in a situation in your waking life where you have recently acquired a new responsibility. Although you have taken on this responsibility primarily by yourself, at the back of your mind you feel that you can count on your family to help out represented in your dream by you and your family sharing the responsibility of taking care of the sick boy. With this new responsibility you are embarking on a more adult phase of your life. You are transitioning from being somebody taken care of to somebody self-supportive. Your granny's house represent your pre-adult life. Your going to a funeral represents the end of this pre-adult life. That you were crying for the boy represents your nostalgia for the old days when you were without responsibility. The tears of joy represent your joy and readiness to take on adulthood. That you were 'relieved' that he didn't suffer anymore represent your relief on some level that the past is past.

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