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If you have bipolar disorder, any ideas how you would earn a living if you felt like you had almost no energy?

Let's say you check with a doctor, and tests seem to rule out a physical illness. No symptoms of depression, other than, of course, a major lack of energy that has persisted for several months. Granted, antidepressants could trigger mania. Any legal, ethical means you could think of for earning a living...or addressing the lack of energy (let's say caffeine doesn't really do the trick, and you'd rather avoid risky meds/drugs if possible. Therapy? Let's say that has been tried for years, and has been only marginally helpful)? Perhaps you have a college degree (B.A.), and some talent--let's say a gift for writing--maybe you can relate? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    You pick yourself up and make something of yourself like the rest of the world. I have bipolar disorder but my manias consist of irritability and what others could consider a "normal" mood and my lows are absolutely crippling. Lower than people with regular bipolar disorder. Let's say I have the same distance between highs and lows but my highs aren't very high at all and my lows are much lower than normal bipolar people.

    Anyway, before I was on medication I worked 35 hours a week, went to school full time, ran track, was in the school play, and participated in 2 choral groups along with running a club I founded. I was able to clock in at least 300 hours of community service a year and I graduated with a 3.8 GPA. I started medication 2 years ago and am feeling completely normal with no side effects. It makes living much easier but having bipolar disorder is not a crutch or an excuse for not living fully. You can be in a bad mood and still function if you put your mind to it.

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    To me, this doesn't sound like bipolar. It kinda sounds like low thyroid. I think you should take a blood test (if you haven't already had one) and see if you have low thyroid. Low thyroid can have the same symptoms of bipolar. You barely have any energy and sometimes, your hair doesn't grow and your legs hurt. Try googling low thyroid and seeing if you have any of the symptoms they say.

    Here is something I got from a website:

    Symptoms can include hair loss, low mood, weight gain, dry skin, no energy or sex drive, heavy periods, infertility, miscarriage, or raging hot flashes and night sweats.

    Hope this helped!

    For your earn a living question, Since that person has a writing talent they could certintaly write a book or work for a local newspaper. Writing is probably good cause you don't need to use alot of energy! (other than thinking about what your going to write...!!!)

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    We are literally the exact same person. Amen to that. It's awful to see how little I have been living up to my potential. I take adderall to give me energy, and it does get me up and at 'em for sure, but sometimes i'm too lazy to even get out of bed and take it. Plus, you said you wanted to avoid drugs. Look, it's medication for ADD and narcolepsy. It'll make you "work." A few of the natural things that I have found useful:

    -Showers, at any time in the day, when I am feeling tired

    -Multivitamins, especially those with all of the B vitamins

    -Waking up earlier, going to sleep earlier - basically acting like a normal person instead of sleeping all the time

    -Exercising. Look, I know you don't want to. Get yourself to do it for like 5 minutes and you'll feel a little more awake. I promise. Just get yourself up.

    If you're a writer, how's about you lay back and spend a day writing a letter to all the local newspapers and asking if they need any writers? Just write and write until you get a job. Check craigslist for job openings. I think that once you get a job, you will be surprised at the burst of energy it gives you.

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    I would suggest looking into being a Travel Agent, seriously, you could work from home. Just gain enough energy to be at the computer, which I'm assuming you have to write this question. Just planning trips for others. Sounds cool to me.

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    I'm there right now--I'm not bipolar (at least not that I know of), but I am trying to live on self employment and I have almost no energy.

    All I can say is, try to eat well and sleep well, and try to keep going once you get going (inertia is your enemy)

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    yup, it's called self discipline. I've had bipolar disorder all my life, got a nursing degree and worked. You do what you have to do to survive and contribute.

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    Mattress tester.

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