what lingerie should i wear?

My girl co workers are here with me (I'm a guy) and I have to submit this question because I lost a wager to them at work. I told them that I would win and that they could just start shopping which they are better at. They said ok, if they win, then I have to go shopping for girl's business clothes and wear them to work also they want me to wear girls stuff to the beach and finally dance for them in clothes you guys want and nails you guys want

Well, I got toasted and they absolutely crushed me. Now I have to pay up. They want postings on what I should wear. Pics are better because I am going to have to buy them. They will pick the best ones.

urg.... please don't reply

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  • 1 decade ago
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    what did u get ur self into well try this website they have sexy clothes im sure u look good in them... lol make them jealous..lol

  • 1 decade ago


    Let me see :)

    No, I won't torture youu.

    But I am so curious to see what everyone else thinks of. HAHA!

    Well I hope you have learned your lesson..


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