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Do I weight too much?

I'm about 5'5ish and i weight about 115. do I weight too much?

My weight flunctuates though, like sometimes i'll be like 112-113 depending on the day. And It seems like after I eat, my stomach gets a little bloated, like I am bigger after I eat, and it takes a while to go away. I'm very self concious about my weight. I'm a cheerleader, and I fly and sometimes I feel like i might be too heavy for my bases. And I just want to have a good body. My mom tells me I'm crazy and same with my friends, but i don't agree with them. What do you think?


ohh i'm 14 and im a freshman btw. i would NEVER considering anorexia or anything..

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    You are actually under weight for your height.

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    You sound normal to me. And after eating certain foods sometimes we do get bloated. Especially carbohydrates. Don't focus so much on your looks, you must be a teenager! I'm so sick of media and society placing so much emphasis on being stick thin. As long as you are healthy and you do eat , and have no medical problems, you're fine!

  • Anonymous
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    Well im 5"5 and 118lbs and i feel im fat but guys think i have a killer bod and u r around the same size as me so u must have a killer bod to!


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