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wisdom teeth tyhgjgfi?

so im 15 like i just turend 15

and i have to get my wisdom teeth removed

and im reallllyy scared beacuse

one:::: all for of them have to be taken out

two::: i cant swollow pills like i try so hard but i have a bad gag reflex

three: im really affraid of anastiea

four:::i dont do well with pain

five::i cant relly afford to take time off school (i mean look at my spelling)

six:::: im so scared


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    ok my son just had all of his pulled (hes 15) recently they gave him giggly gas and he was flirting with the girl in walgreen but after that he said it hurt some which the pain pills took care of that. tell mom to tell the dentist bout your gag reflex and see if he can prescribe something smaller or in liquid form. he was out of school for a week and eating soft stuff. just gargle with warm salt water for the first few days til the bleeding stops and gargle after u eat something til the holes close up. u will be alright...

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    Oh man! i have had at least 12 teeth pulled in my entire life!!! 8 of those being adult teeth. I love getting my teeth pulled because i get to go on the laughing gas!! I know that sounds weird but i just like it cuz im all relaxed and happy!!! i haven't had any teeth taken out in a while cuz i don't need anymore taken out now that my teeth are pretty much the way their gunna be for the rest of my life! My wisdom teeth were the last ones that were taken out cuz i have such a small mouth! But don't even worry about it! Seriously i thought it was the best day ever. I had to have all 4 taken out in one day and they used anesthesia. You're knocked out in like 3 seconds. When you wake up it feels like your in a dream cuz your so foggy like i don't hardly remember anything from that day! Hahaha! I don't even remember how i got home! I slept the whole day and it was pretty great. About the'll be in too much of a fog the whole day to even think about the pain. that's what so great cuz everything is just like "eh whatever" you won't even be worrying about anything. I don't know about the pills. if you have trouble swallowing pills your doctor might be able to give you some other pain killers that you don't have to swallow. i don't know if there are any though. Another thing is that it might be manditory for you to take out you wisdom teeth. They can really do damage. if it is to crowded then they will start to grow sideways into your molers and push into the roots or they could start to push your molers up and it will be painfull so yeah..... i wouldnt worry too much about the anethesia. i never hear of anybody dying from it and just think if you do die you will go very peacfully.... you won't even know what happened!!

    i hope that helps a little!!

    ....and sorry, i didn't mean to write a novel!! Hehe!

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    **DON'T WORRY*!

    Im 16, and I had all of mine taken out about 4 months ago. && not to mention the skin in your mouth where your upper lip is, clipped. I was sooo scared, just as you are. But seriously,don'tt sweat it! The anesthesiaa is not bad at all! Actually, I thank god for it! Because you fall asleep seconds after they put the iv in your arm. I don't remember anything at all except them asking me if I was ok. And waking up. Where your still pretty much drugged up, you may need someone to help you walk cause you could trip like I almost did. It may be hard to swallow pills, but at least try to swallow them fast because those really really help when your in a lot of pain when your no longer numb.

    **Also** dont forget to keep the ice-packthey lll give you on your face for a majority of the day. ESPECIALLY the first day, and most of the second. If I was you tho, keep it on for another day or two. I didn't, and my face swelled up like a chipmunk! Good luck, and remember you can do it, if i can!

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    I had my surgery in March 2007, i was 16 and it was during my spring break...i can't swallow pills either so don't worry, i asked for liquid pain medicine but i only had one container of pills and i crushed them up. the pain is bad after the surgery, you should be put to sleep for the surgery. i had to get all 4 of mine cut out and my doctor helped me get into a wheelchair because after you are put to sleep, you can't walk.. it won't be so bad but for one day you get to sit around and have other people do things for you! :)

    P.S. when you get home from the surgery, you will need to have ice packs on your jaws to let the swelling go down and don't drink out of a straw..

    Source(s): my experience, just relax and after a week, you should feel back to normal
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