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PLEASE PLEASE help songs!!?

Ok so i have 2 make a WaRM UP cd for an 8th grade Boys Basketball team. The songs have to be apropriate, like no swearing, or sexual content. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Ok then this question is ttly different!!!!!'

What phone should i get for CHristmas??PLEASE help me!!!


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE no high school musical stuff or anhything like that no songs from dinsey or anything like that!!!

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    1. its tricky- run dmc

    2. check yes juliet- we the kings

    3. it wasn't me- shaggy

    4. what i got- sublime

    5. shut up and let me go- ting tings

    6. just dance- lady gaga

    7. stronger- kanye west

    8. wall to wall-chris brown

    9. temperature- sean paul

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    I would say oldies are the best because they are less likely to have swear words, and have more steady beats. I recommend:

    Tub Thumping - Chumbawamba

    Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby

    Young MC - Bust A Move

    Marky Mark - Good Vibrations

    Buster Poindexter - Hot Hot Hot

    Baha Men - Who Let The Dogs Out

    OMC - How Bizarre

    Lipps Inc. - Funky Town

    Lou Bega - Mambo No. 5

    EMF - Unbelievable

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    unhappy or ROCK? ok.. i'm unsure on that. If by skill of unhappy you recommend.... sluggish and form of emo... Evanescence has numerous those, besides as rock, which includes: hi such as you My Immortal Your star lacking All that i'm residing For candy Sacrifice Weight of the worldwide Going below The Veronicas: All I easily have heavily broken In yet another existence somebody Wake Me Up My Chemical Romance has numerous stable rock songs, and so does Switchfoot.

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    check out the band 'family force 5' they have awesome warm up songs i used for my brothers 7th grade basketball game!!!

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    gotta get cha get cha head in the game. Haha do high school musical, something buy a disney star, they have some good songs

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    Anything from Weezer is cool. Beverly hills =]

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    dani california (not sure if it has sexual content, i dont pay attention 2 the lyrics :)

    also, maybe through the fire and flames....maybe

    o and for your phone...either the iphone (if thats within ur budget), or the blackberry storm or whatever it is

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    One is "Getcha head in the game"...

    Two is "Final Countdown"

    Three is "Now or never"

    Four is "Whatever you like"

    Five is "Disturbia"

    Blackberry Sandstone pink henna.. im getting it!

    Blackberry flip

    Blackberry storm

    blackberry bold

    Palm centro

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    So What? By P!nk, it has a great fast paced beat.

    I definently agree with you HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL STINKS!!!!

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    Well, Paper Planes is fine I think, and you should ask for a LG Shine. They're awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

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