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Someone is hacking my computer!?

I was watching a movie, and suddenly a box popped up. I remembered that in the box it said someone is remoting your computer and at the bottom it said Roger. And before I knew it, my mouse was moving even though I didn't touch my mouse. The cursor was moving itself. My computer is a windows vista.

Is this a hacker, if so what should i do?

what should i do HELP ME!


My AVG was on at that time

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    Remote assistance is not a hacking program. It's designed for someone to take control of your computer and fix it or help you with someone.

    Usually remote assistance has to be on and configure for someone to use it. So in your case it sounds like someone has been messing with your computer when your not around. The person who goes into your computer can see everything you can see and do and if your not allowing this it does mean someone is hacking into your computer.

    To stop it you just turn remote assistance off.

    You do this by click start>computer>click on system properties>then click system protection tab>then click the remote tab and just uncheck allow remote assistance box.

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    Did you gave the computer to someone for repair or do you have remote support software installed. I can do this to my clients with remote support software even without their knowledge. If you do have a software like this someone is abusing it.If you don't as far as you know look on the computer and disable it.Examine all the icons on the right part of the task bar,and disable the ones you don't know.

    Also go to start/run and type msconfig On the startup ,and services tab un check anything suspicious.If there is an entry you are not sure,remember,google is your friend.

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    sounds like remote assistance..and you can disable it in you pc settings! Normally you have to accept the request for remote ***.

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    cnet has lots of good free-ware it will clean up your registry and hard drive

    good luck

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