looking for a deer gun?

im looking for a cheap deer gun i really don't want a muzzeloader because of how you got to clean it. I was thinking of a 270,243,30-30.but everyone i find is high

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    Consider an H&R single shot break barrel rifle..... Yes they are inexpensive --- Yes they are of decent quality... I received on as a gift and thought it was of low quality.... I took it out varmint hunting and was pleasantly surprised -- They are decently accurate..... These can be had for a little more than $200.....

    H&R Rifles.....


    Another inexpensive rifle to consider is the Savage Stevens model 200 rifle... Stevens is Savages economy brand but don't let the low price fool you -- These are a decent rifle.... Consider one chambered in .308... The ammo can be inexpensive if you look around... I put .308 Barnual $8 a box soft point in my Remington 700 and took a deer the first day out last year....

    Stevens model 200


    Look over the Mossberg 100-ATR... Its an economy rifle and are priced quite decently.....


    Have you also considered a shotgun????.... Those work quite well within ranges of 100 yards....

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    I would recommend the Remington Model 700 rifles because they have always had an excellent reputation for accuracy and that has been my experience with them. To this day the deluxe models remain among the best shooting and nicest looking production rifles on the market.

    A Remington 700 ADL stock is around 120$, you don't get much cheaper than this. It is the best weapon per value.

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    I enjoy the one that I got for a gun dealer in Roswell, New Mexico.

    Check out the website and see what you think.


    It is a single shot 12 guage shotgun with a matched barrel for a .306


    Interchangable barreles are nice and you can swap them out in about 30 seconds with no tools.

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    there is no cheap gun but i recommend the 270 winchester

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    Go for the 270. win for sure

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    1 decade ago
    Source(s): while these searches probably won't have guns, the sellers often are also selling the guns
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