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i overweight for my age?

i am 5'1,16 years old and

122 pounds...most girls

at my school are usually

about 110 pounds.

am i overweight?

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    1 decade ago
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    reccomended weight for your height is 105-110 your not overweight enought o worry about it

    dont diet!

    try to get 30-60 minutes of exercise daily

    youl be healthyer and those extra few pounds will eventually drop

  • 4 years ago

    It's elaborate for me to inform if you're obese with out seeing you in man or woman. a hundred thirty lbs. is just a little bit higher than such a lot youngsters which can be thirteen, however that can be seeing that you're relatively robust, or relatively tall, or perhaps you simply have enormous bones to your age and so they simply occur to weigh extra! It relatively all is dependent upon who you're so I are not able to relatively deliver your a thurrow reply. You could have a few youngster fats on you for those who shouldn't have so much muscle otherwise you are not very tall. If you suppose that you simply must drop some pounds, then opt for it! The handiest man or woman on yahoo solutions that may let you know a correct reply, is you! So appear at such a lot youngsters your age and say, "Do I appear the equal dimension as them?" If you do, then you don't have anything to fear approximately. If you appear to have just a little extra chub on you, then attempt to paintings it off via perhaps running daily, lifting weights, or some thing you can also wish to do. So, sorry I are not able to deliver you a sure or no reply, however it is just a bit difficult to mention with the small expertise. I desire all is going good for you! -Natalie

  • 1 decade ago

    Hey! Do you feel overweight? Girls your age just need to excersice, you know?

    I don't thiunk you're over weight! I'm 4'10" and I weight 105!!! :-(((((

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