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he asked me to the military ball!!? HELP! :P?

so this guy i have the same lunch period with asked me to the military ball, he's really cute and everything but we've barely ever spoken to each other until today when he asked me!

also this girl, (she doesn't like me, but she doesn't know that i know that she doesn't like me, so she acts like she's my best friend whenever we're together) also has the hugest crush on him, as well as one of my other friends that i'm drifting apart from.

and now i'm all confused! should i go to the ball with him?


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    First you need to decide whether you like this young man enough to go. If the answer is yes then you need to decide to wear... something appropriate and not "overly visual". In other words use common sense.

    About the two you really care? First you say one is drifting away from your friendship and the other doesn't like you anyway. So who cares? You can't construct your life and future on those who exist in the same time and space as you.

    If this would have been a young man who had gone with your best friend and they had a serious friendship at one time then you would need to consider the feelings.... but at this point... consider your own and have fun.

    Remember a Military Ball is a big event and you must conduct yourself as a lady at all times...including the way you dress.

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    Honestly, especially if this is an rotc military ball, that dress is over the top. It also looks like it would be kind of uncomfortable to wear, and very difficult to dance in. I suggest going to the web page of the organization sponsoring the ball and seeing if there are photos of prior military balls. It will give you an idea of what is usually worn. There are going to be female service members there in uniform. Good Luck!

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    Well if you kinda like the guy, then it's up to you. Don't go out of obligation or because you don't want to hurt his feelings. If you want to go, then go and enjoy yourself, it might give you an opportunity to get to know the guy a bit more. If you think the ball itself isn't going to be your thing, then just politely decline the invitation but say agree to go out at another time.

    As for your female friends, I would just carry on as normal and not let their attitude bother you, however you make sure you don't have an attitude towards them, you be the nice one but don't be fake, if these girls are not really your good friends, why bother with them?

    It looks like this guy has favored you over them,, so enjoy this possible new relationship, but don't rub it in to the girls. You can still be friends with them if that is what you want, don't allow a guy get in the way, but if they get all weired about you going on a date and being jealous, then that is their problem.

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    Why not? You don't have to go as his girlfriend; just go as his date, or, if you would prefer, you can ask to go as his friend. I think you might be too involved in the situation; step back a bit, and take a deep breath. One date does not immediately equate you as his girlfriend. If he seems to think so, you can always clarify with him, and if he does want to take a girl who will go as his girlfriend, then let him know he's going to have to find another girl. (Unless you really do want to be his girlfriend, that is...)

    I went to the military ball with my now ex-boyfriend a few years ago, and it was a great experience. I would advise you to go, if you have the opportunity.

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    I think you should go with him. He obviously likes you over all those other girls otherwise he would have asked one of them. So I say go for it! And since you are drifting away from those two anyway, you really have nothing to lose.

    Good luck!

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    ABSOLUTELY!! Military balls are tons of fun. they are like mini proms!! GO GO GO. Have fun, and remember he asked you not them. Just because these other girls have crushes on him doesn't mean that they have prior claim on him. Enjoy!! Life is too short to worry about such petty drama.

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    Yea, **** that ***** that pretends your her buddy (you don't need friends like that anyway) and yea, sorry for your other girl but she'll get over it if you are real friends.

    Anyway, I'm a Marine and have been to many Marine Corps balls before and it is a great experience...Plus you'll get to see him in his uniform! You'll have a great time! GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Why not, he didn't ask you to marry him, he just asked you out. Go have a good time. There are no obligations involved here. It's just an evening out. Don't read so much into it.


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    yes :] you should!!

    going to the ball with him will give you a chance to get to know him, and maybe you will REALLY like him...

    and as for your "friend" first of all it sounds like you can find better friends ones that will like you for you and wont be fake, and secondly it isnt your fault that he likes you and not her.

    Just go for it, and forget her, if not you always gonna think "what would of happened if i went?"

    :D best of luck

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    GO TO THE BALL, screw your friends... if they were your real friends they would be happy for you, they should realize that that guy doesn't like them so why get mad about it... so once again GO TO THE BALL!!!!!!!

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