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It takes 1/2 cup of frosting to cover a surface are of 41 square inches. How much frosting would it take to cover the top and the rectangular-shaped cake with the dimensions 9" * 13" * 2"?

* = times

ps : sohw the work

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    9*3*12= 324 inches cubed

    324/41= 7.9 inches


    3.95 cups of frosting

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    Easiest way!

    you cannot include area of cake bottom.!!!!!

    area of cake top and sides

    117+2*26+2*18 = 205

    use ratio (41 is to .5 as 205 is to X) like this


    x = 2.5 cups

    Source(s): Life of mathematics
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    1.427 cups set up a ratio of cups to area neglect the 2" because height doesent matter it only the TOP

    .5/41 = x/ (9*13) solve 4 x

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    We're not here to do your homework for you.

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