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California drivers how to make a left turn the correct way when taking a driving test?

ok im going to take the driving test after my 18 birthday im a little over 17in a half i got my permit

so yeh heres the question

when making a left turn on a green left arrow you have the right away to turn left but when its a green light you have to wait for oncoming traffic to clear the procced when safe can i pass the crosswalk a lilttle and drive forward a bit then turn or do i wait behind the crosswalk im not sure but i see people do both

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    In the CA driver's handbook, pgs 20 and 21, there is no specific guideance on where to wait at an intersection for opposing traffic to clear, If you wait behind the limit line and the light changes, traffic still may not have cleared and you're stuck there for the next green. Plus the guy behind you ain't gonna be too thrilled about the situation, either. I have always waited out in the intersection - about a third of the way - with wheels pointed straight ahead. That way, cross traffic cannot proceed because I have the right-of-way and it usually gives the guy behind me a chance to poke his nose out there so he can get across too. I have never faulted or failed a license applicant for being in the intersection waiting to make a left. I have faulted the applicant for being behind the limit line and not being able to make the turn when the light changed A really big thing is how comfortable you feel and how you make others feel when doing the turn.

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    Wait behind the crosswalk until it's safe to make the left turn. This way you're not caught in the intersection if the light turns yellow or red and it's still not clear.

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    Wait till oncoming site visitors clears, after which make your left turn. whether the site visitors gentle for the line you're turning onto is green, they nonetheless could desire to offer you time to sparkling the intersection.

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    If you make a left turn first turn on your signal to the left.If a car on your right came in first, let that car proceed.If there are two lane and you are on the first lane making left, stay on your lane.If you see someone crossing,you let him cross before you make your left turn.

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    behind the crosswalk until it's safe to make the left turn,DO NOT pull out into the middle of the intersection.I guarentee he will fail you !

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