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Is it okay to introduce a new ferret to a 4 year old ferret that lost his cage mate?

My ferret Dusty lost his cage mate of 4 years not long ago. We want to get another ferret, but are afraid Dusty will reject him.

Does anyone have any tips on introducing a new ferret to a 4 year old ferret?

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    There's no way of knowing for sure how your ferret will take to a new ferret. Most are sociable and will get along with any other ferret, but some do get set in their ways and prefer the company of no ferrets or only certain other ferrets. I do agree with two of the above posters - take Dusty with you when you go to pick out your new ferret. When I got my third ferret, Sammy, I took the other two I had at the time with me to meet him (I adopted him through a friend of a friend). All three got to play together for a little at Sammy's house, then they all rode home together in a carrier, and when we got home, there were no problems - it's like the three of them knew each other their whole lives. Normally Dodger, my alpha ferret, has to "welcome" everyone and drag them all over the place, but he didn't do this with Sammy.

    Personally, I think a new friend for Dusty is a good idea, but let him pick out his new buddy. Take him to the shelter/pet shop/breeder (check before hand to make sure it's ok for him to come - some places might require that he's up to date on vaccines and has tested negative for ADV within the last six months). Watch to see how he interacts with the other ferrets and then pick the one that he seems to be buddying up with the most. Good luck!

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    I had a ferret that died without any known causes in his sleep before his 4th birthday. His cagemate - Abby (female, albino) kept looking for him. I was real sad, and she didn't understand he was gone. My boyfriend went a bought a baby ferret the next day, and she took to him right away. She's now 8 yrs old, and he's 3. He's still real hyper and wanting to play, but now she's too old. I have read that some ferrets will go into a depression when losing a cagemate, will quit eating and die. Make sure you spend a lot of time playing with him. Your ferret might be glad to have another around, but you might want to look to adopt a ferret around the same age.

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    The easiest way is to take him along to your local ferret rescue and they'll slowly introduce him to a ferret that gets along with other ferrets. That's the best way rather than getting a new ferret and Dusty not accepting it. Then you'll have to buy another cage and they won't be able to play together.

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    I suggest letting the 4 year old choose the ferret, not you choose it. Take him with you when you go to buy one and see if any seem to get along.

    Just a warning though, they young one may be too rough for the older one and you might have to look into adopting one that's 2 or older.

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    no the older ferret will injure the little ferret so u might want 2 different cages

    Source(s): i had a ferret and it didnt want any company with my friends ferret
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