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Why do people write '10pts' as part of their question?

I mean, all best answers receive 10pts and it's not like the asker can randomly award points to all and sundry.

And do the best answerers (is that a word?) really care about the points or is it more about being helpful and sharing knowledge? (it is for me).

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    Maybe they are just really desperate for answers. Maybe some people are just here to gain points. I on the other hand just like to be helpful to others and share any knowledge I may have on different subjects.

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    It's music to some user's ears. I'm sure many users are aware that they receive ten points for a best answer, however by stating this fact within the question title, user's are more likely to provide an answer in order to try and obtain some 'easy' points.

    Essentially it's a means of making a question more attractive to members of the community and and such could increase the number of answers the author of a questions earns.

    Do I care about best answers ?

    Been here for over two and a half years, level seven and here to help users make the most out of Yahoo! Answers... can't say I need them, but it is a nice way to thank someone for taking the time to answer a question.

    All the best


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    I started off by answering questions just to get points, but then I realized that people ask a lot of dumb questions. Yes. I believe there are such things as asking dumb questions. Now I just answer ones that I find interesting, or one that I have experienced before and feel that I can help.

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    They write that because they think they can get more "helpful" or "detailed" answers. Plus, since answeres like to be rewarded 10 points, it will attract more attention.

    I don't really care whether I get best answer or not, I just try to help the person asking the question.

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    some people see yahoo answers as a game... they feel they should be rewarded for their answer if it is right... it is annoying for those people when they put their all into a question and they wait days and days and months for the question to come to a resolution and well either the question has got deleted or the person simply left it unresolved... by putting 10pts in the question it reassures those people who live for rewards that the question WILL come to a resolution and that will motivate them to answer...

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