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poofy ugly hair help!?

Okay so basically i have really puffy short hair that looks Alot like this...

except for less curls and more poof

normally i straighten it but i really don't want to fry it all the time ...

is there anything i can do while i sleep to make it look nice or a quick fix in the morning?

hope for help thanks!


i dont want a permanent solution..i want styles or ideas i could do every day... i'm tired of having straight hair... it would be nice to bring back the natural curlyness.. the only way no is to use mousse but than its crunchy

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    yes, you can in the morning take a shower and brush your hair after brushing make sure it is still wet then brush all your hair to the back and make a pony tail stay with it all day and take the pony tail off at night then it will be a natural straight hair it will look great and it in the botton it will be curly or for wavy hair make braids good luck

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    Ok so you can go to the shower and apply some mousse. Or you can put curlers in your hair, and go to sleep with it. Use some BED HEAD DeFRIZZER it works really good. My friend had the same problem, and it worked!

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    well...i kinda had that problem..but it works mostly to get a defrizz serum or leave in conditioner, if you condition your hair enough you wont fry it so bad you could also consider getting a perm or relaxer that permantly straighten you hair for a period of time.

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    Well you can go to the salon and they can sorta do the opposite of giving you a perm. they straighten it. I forget what is is called.

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    well if you want you could use a curl enhancer creams then blow dry it or let it air dry, bring out your curls, or you could chemically straighten your hair.

    hope this helps?

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    the only way out of frizz is JAPANESE HAIR STRAIGHTENING.. u got to get a perm to get rid of frizz thats just all there is to it

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