College degree help please?

alright, i feel dumb, but what are the college degrees?

i want to get a bachelors and then minor in that possible? any tips? anything would help

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    College Degrees: Degrees you receive after completion of certain number of courses designated by your University/College.

    You can get a Bachelor and Minor. However, not in the same field. Example, if you are a History major, you cannot receive a minor in History. There are certain requirements that you need to satisfy in order to get a minor. Such conditions are different between each school.

    There are different College Degrees:

    Associates Degree = 2 Years (General Education Courses in the field you are studying)

    Bachelor's Degree = 4 years (Specialized courses related to the field you study in)

    Master's Degree = 2-3 Years (Requires Bachelor's Degree): Degree based on case study and research.

    Ph.D (Philosophy Doctorate) Degree = 5 Years (in USA - minimum requirement for some degrees are Bachelor's degree). Heavy research based degree.

    Doctorate Degree = Varies (requires Ph.D). Much heavier research based degree.

    There are also specialized degrees such as M.D (Medical Doctor), J.D (Lawyer)...etc

    There are usually two types of Bachelor's and Master's degree; Science or Art. Depending on your major, you will either get science or art. But some have their own title such as

    B.Arch = Bachelor's in Architecture

    B.F.A = Bachelor's in Fine Art

    M.B.A = Master's in Business Administration

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    Wow that's a big question! There are LOTS of different degrees, but in general you have AA (Associate of arts) or AS (associate of science) which are 2 year college degrees. Bachelor's degrees (also called baccalaureate degrees) are typical 4 year college degrees and include BA (bachelor of arts), BS (bachelor of science) or even BFA (fine arts). Most colleges offer MANY bachelor's degrees (I'm talking between 100-200 different degrees--like a BA in communication, or social science, or hisotry, or English for example, or the BS in chemistry, biology, etc.). Almost any BA can also be accompanied by a minor, most majors (subjects in which you would earn a bachelor's degree) are also available as minors. Some people get a little crazy and decide to purse a double major, which essentially earns you 2 separate bachelor's degrees, usually in 5 years or more as opposed to 4 for the typical bachelor's.

    Once you have a bachelor's you can get an MA (master of arts), MS (master of science), MFA (fine arts) MBA (business administration) or some others. Then of course there are doctorate degrees, including MD (medical doctor) DVM (doc of vet medicine), Ph.D. (doctor of philosophy) and a LOT more!

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    There are many types of College Degrees:

    - Associates Degree: normally a 2 year process in which you take all your liberal or core classes (Math, Science, Humanities, etc.)

    - Bachelor of Arts: normally a 4 year process, and your major can be anything that is offered from your university

    - Bachelor of Science: a degree for science majors, you would need to take some extra classes to obtain a Bachelor of Science Degree versus a Bachelor of Arts Degree in a science field (ex. Chemistry, Biology, etc...)

    - Master's Degree: obtained after you have a Bachelor's degree. A higher field of study that may or may not pertain to your Bachelor's Degree.

    - Doctorate or Ph.D: obtained after completion of your Master's Degree. Again, may or may not be the same as your Bachelor's or Master's Degree, but should be relevant to your Master's Degree area of focus.

    - There are also specialized degrees for certain professions: Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, etc...

    You can definitely get a Bachelor's Degree and a minor as well. I would suggest doing something you enjoy for your minor, and majoring in something in which you can earn money after graduation. There are many majors that are interesting, but having a Bachelor's degree in that area may not get you a job, so for those I would suggest a minor. Or you can use your minor to support your major.

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    Your high school counselor should be able to help with this.

    You need a bachelor's these days if you want to be a janitor (lol). A Master's comes after that, a 2 year degree. Then you can be a Ph.D. for 5 more years.

    It depends on what you want to study. My daughter:

    4 years of high school

    4 years of college--linguistics degree, with a minor in Spanish

    2 years now--geting a master's degree to be a speech pathologist.

    In her field, everyone who works with young kids with speech problems has a masters. To become certified, it's mandatory.

    I hope that helps!

    TX Mom

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  • Don't feel dumb. If you've never been to college then you don't know much.

    You can get a bachelors and major in whatever you want. You can also get minors in many different fields. You can get more than one major too, so you could get 2 BA's in one go.

    If you are going for a minor or second major try to find out which classes overlap for many of your requirements. What I did for my general education courses, I made sure they counted for more than one thing. There were courses I took that triple in function, so that way I didn't have to waste my time taking each course for each different requirement. If you need more help, you can always email me.

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    Not a dumb question. You just haven't been informed yet. Asking this question is actually a smart move.

    My career path:

    I'm getting my ASSOCIATES in liberal arts right now at my 2 year community college.

    When I finish up, I plan on getting a BACHELORS in health care at a 4 year college.

    After I plan on becoming a CERTIFIED personal trainer and respiratory therapist.

    I might join the air force as well, after college. (I like the atmosphere on air bases.)

    I might get a MASTERS or a PHD in something but do not know of what yet.

    DIPLOMAS, SCHOLARSHIPS, even RECOMMENDATIONS are also forms of achievement.

    I suggest start off at a community college, join clubs get scholarships and than move onto a 4 year college of your choice.

    Good luck

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    I feel it relies on what measure you've and/or how committed and passionate you're approximately succeeding in something it's you desire to do. There are reports which exhibit that having an schooling generally improves ones lifestyles and the lifestyles in their long run households however i feel you'll be able to discover that there is a hell of alot of persons running in telemarketing that experience a institution measure. Also there alot of persons in top powered jobs of their enterprise who bought there via an internship or menial process on the backside and made it centered on willpower and perseverance. for my part i feel running your approach up via an enterprise proves you desire to do it greater than any person that studied it at uni. And at the same time having an schooling can improve your lifestyles as you're extra conscious of the unusual matters on this planet and are much less prone to be biased or racist something lack of know-how can commonly be bliss. Sometimes having an know-how of the sector simplest makes you extra conscious of the injustices of it and then you definately cross round being annoyed at politics and many others as a substitute than having fun with the small however appropriate matters on your possess lifestyles. so in reply on your query i feel a school measure will simplest make a change to a couple peoples lives centered on their fundamental outlook and if they've a profession in brain in which it's surely fundamental to have a measure. Or if they're content material to be an educational and their desire in lifestyles is to always gain knowledge of.

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    I suggest you go to healthcare, bachelors, associates will do. A lot of people are looking for pts and certified assistants etc, plus pays good and you can find good jobs anywhere

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