Help with school and grades.?

Well, I used to be a very successful student, but the last year has been totally messed up for me.

I am getting F's in all my classes, and me and my parents are going for a conference. I used to be in advanced honors classes, but I just can't do the work.

I'm not lazy in school, it's like no matter how much work I do, I seem to fail.

Because of the F's I have started skipping school and getting worse grades (stupid me) I am now in court afor truancy, but I am doing a lot bettr attendance wise.

My parents just seem to blame me being lazy and such, it's so hard to explain to them, they always think it's an excuse or something when I'm trying to discuss the issue maturely. I don't want to get bad grades, but I also wanna get good grades without having to bury myself alive in school work, I have a life outside school and can't do anything else but school work.

I am starting to give up hope as I've tried the whole "Do your best thing" my best doesn't seem to be enough.

I don't want my parents to think I'm a failure and be embarassed about me.

They were both dropouts and they tell me to go to school and go to college.

I want to, but it's so rough now, I'm getting in trouble, and my world is falling apart, what do I do? any tips?

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  • Keith
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    1 decade ago
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    I dropped out of high school after completing only the 10th grade. My last two-years, I still made passing grades, but by no means was a scholar. I earned a living as a commercial fisherman for almost 10-years before getting my GED and starting to college. By this time, I had learned some hard lessons. I studied and applied myself to my school work. I graduated with honors, (Magna *** Laude), and received two bachelor's degrees. Years later, I'm getting ready to start graduate school to get my master's degree. If I can do it, anybody can do it, and so can you! Stay focused because you're very young. After you get through school, you'll have plenty of time to socialize. You have to learn to prioritize things, and an education is VERY important. If you don't finish school you'll have to work jobs that will pay very low wages and you'll be very dissatisfied for the rest of your life. Make a short sacrifice now and you'll be reward for the rest of your life.

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    yes, i feel the exact same way, and feel the same pain. I guess the best thing you can do, is to talk to your teachers, Say everything you said above to your teacher, gudiance counseller, and anyone in the school system willing to help you. Maybe, there is something that you are doing wrong, maybe you have test anxiety, or do problems wrong, Maybe the classes are just too hard for you. Why not take easier classes instead, or get tutoring. Look its common to fail. Even the best students such as myself fail and fail hard. for instance, the majority of peoples average drops by 10 percent when they attend the first year of university. But they become successful again, and you know why? Because they preserve, refuse to skip, and dont drop out. stop wallowing, pick yourself up, and seriously analyze what is not working, and look for solution and support and help!!!

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    wow... that's tough. i'm sorta going through the same right now....

    First, you gotta make you're you're CHOOSING YOUR FRIENDS WISELY. Although they may be your friends (or perhaps you just wanna look cool - no offense), don't hang out with gangsters/dropouts/slackers. the more you hang out with them, the more they will drag you down. they will dumb you down - perhaps not street-wise, but definitely academic-wise. choose friends that are kind and people that you would want to work with in group projects. they don't have to be the straight A students, just someone who's getting decent marks. that way, you'd be able to regain your previously conquered ground - but be sure to be kind to your new friends and not just use them to get good grades, cuz people can see right through each other.

    Secondly, you have to remember what you did before that made you such a good student and identify where you went wrong. when you were younger, what was your secret to success? did anything traumatic happen that might have caused such a plunge in your grades? if so, try to revert to your old method of learning.

    if that doesn't work, go to the teacher for extra help. you have to volunteer to go to them, not just wait till they call YOU over. this is crucial cuz teachers will sense that you're making an effort to improve. then, they'd be more willing to help you.

    also, don't goof off in class. don't listen to your mp3/ipod in class either - it will distract you, which is bad cuz you need to give your full undivided attention to the lesson. review your notes before tests, and work hard for projects. complete all homework assignments - even though you know they're not going to be checked - cuz they're really good practice for tests.

    best of luck!

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    Well, pay attention more. Do your work when you need to. Go home and start your homework. Homework is more important than sports or hanging out with friends. Don't talk to your friends when you shouldn't be. Never skip school. And that's all I could think of right now. Also that stinks to hear that. Hope you get your grades back up to the top!

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  • 4 years ago

    Seventh grade used to be my favourite too. Waaayyyy again then schooling used to be plenty distinct from contemporary, however, particularly talking, I used to be very lucky to have academics that taught us "how" to be trained. I acquired a kick (for a whilst) out of going from elegance to elegance, having A lunch on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. B lunch on Tuesday and Thursday. You will do very good. There is such a lot in the market. Best of good fortune

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Listen attentively in class, maybe your grades will go back up!

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