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how many minutes before my game should i consume energy drink?

I'm 5,9 and 135 lbs. I'm gonna play a short soccer game tommorow thats gonna last 30 min so im gonna use energy drink to give me that short burst....i was wondering how many minutes before the game should i drink it in order to make the best use of it before it starts to wear off..


oh and its a can of Monster Energy Drink..(the green ginseng one i think)

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    I would down the thing just before you start playing, I say this b/c i down a monster right before I work out, but IM 25 and 210lbs, anyways I say this time is best, b/c you'll trick your mind into a placebo affect at first, meaning you'll be hyped up already b/c you'll want the drink to work, then as you progress through the game, the actual caffeine will kick in and it will just prolong the hyper state..make sense

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    Its really not a good idea to drink energy drinks before games. Drink lots of water and eat well. Water is the key, and Gatorade may help during the game. Energy drinks won't help you play at a high level of soccer for long. There is some medical explanation that I am not sure of.

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    You are playing a very dangerous game my friend. So called energy drinks have now been banned in 3 countries and the list will grow. They cause heart failure if you drink them and exert yourself greatly.

    The so called "energy" from that garbage is make believe energy. It is due to the stress hormone, Cortisol that is made by your adrenal glands. It is due to a very high insulin spike and glucagon reaction that sets your adrenal glands into action. Very bad for your body and your health. The heart attack is just one reaction that can happen.

    What you believe when you say it is "wearing off" is your adrenal glands becoming exhausted. It takes 29 hours to recharge those adrenals and the adrenal glands are needed in the body for many functions.

    For the best sustained energy, eat good fats in a meal a few hours before you play. That will give you the best energy and you won't have the high upper and then the big downer.

    good luck to you

    Source(s): CNT, B.A. biology & chemistry advanced nutritional research
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    Bad idea. Just eat a ballanced meal before the game and drink plenty of water. You should be able to store plenty of energy in your body for a 30 minute game. You don't need an energy drink.

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    Eat an orange and drink lots of water throughout the day. An orange will give you a better burst of energy. Energy drinks dehydrate you and are carbonated. Monsters taste good, you should drink them with doritoes.

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    bad idea, if you want the best energy possible i suggest eating some oatmeal and an apple

    oatmeal will provide energy throughout n apple is good for somewhat short term energy, also drink something slightly sugary such as gadorade, this will help you the most

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    dont its just make you feel good at 1st but later u feel like s h i t

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    Don't drink it

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